I’m proud to continue running and bringing fans of great music all the news possible on their favourite new and old artists. I've been at this an unbelievable 18+ years now.
It’s been a big year already and I have about 50 album reviews demanding to be written, so stand by.
I haven’t forgotten about the 2014 MelRock Awards either and will post those ASAP!
This is probably the toughest business to be in anywhere in the world right now  and artists and business across the spectrum continue to have to fight to stay alive.
I have no intention of going anywhere, but to run on a full time basis in this day and age does depend on the support of readers, so from time to time I do like to remind folks of the many ways they can support this site and the scene in general:
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Lots still to come – including two incredible albums from MRR in May!