HOUSE OF LORDS vocalist JAMES CHRISTIAN has posted a few comments to his Facebook page inbetween vocal sessions for the next HOL studio CD.
The comments read as follows:
“Just sitting here in my studio going over vocal tracks for the NEW HOL 2015 CD.
I never realized it before, but I actually have a ritual when recording and producing the songs. I close my studio door (NEVER LOCK) in case of an emergency. But this evening my daughter opened the door and I was literally in a musical trance rocking out to our own music. She turned and walked away without a single word. Well all I can say is that it feels so great to be that invested in the music. After all the years of recording, it still does so much for my well being and happiness.
“Jimi BJ and Chris, Are playing their ASS OFF, and the SONGS?, well they inspire me. It's gonna be a great one!!”
“It is an extension of Precious Metal but a bit more intense. The song lyrics are deeper in thought. Inspired my my great guitar player JIMI BELL and his classic riffs, BJ is the rock and Chris is the foundation. There really is no formula, Just guys writing the kind of music that we have loved for so many years. If you liked Precious Metal, You will fall in Love with this one.”
James also discussed the possible title for the new album:
“Working Title For the new CD is "Indestructible" Because of out total dedication to the music we love nothing could break us. We are shooting a video for the song with the same title. I think it is an appropriate title and also shows a band that will not back down. We have been through a lot, and people have created turmoil where there was none. So to them I say, HOL after all these years is "indestructible"”




I hope "Indestructible"  will be more keyboard-oriented than PM.