TONY HARNELL Says No New TNT Music In 2015

Reunited TNT vocalist Tony Harnell has just posted an update to his Facebook stating that there will be NO new TNT music in 2015!!!
He states: "No news or updates yet, except to let you all know there won't be any newTNT music released in 2015. I'll hopefully have other news to report soon..."
That's going to be a huge disappointment to fans who were expecting the team to get stuck into new music aftyer Tony returned to the band earlier this year.




It is very unfortunate that TNT will not be making new music in the immediate future.  Unless it was going to be the quality of My Religion, I am glad they won't be putting anything new out.  The music these artist put out needs to be top notch of forget it.  There are too many times the music by various artists seems rushed or done with little effort.  Give me your best effort or don't give me new music at all.