Check Out 'Chasing MR. BIG' Animated Tour Opener Video

Thursday, December 4, 2014
You have to check out this awesome animated short that was created by David Calcano for MR. BIG and their recent tour.
David used to be a Systems Engineer, until he went nuts and dropped his career to start a small animation ad agency called NoseCode in the United Kingdom. Today, he works in Los Angeles, where he creates animated content, using 2D and 3D animation. He’s the man behind Fantoons, a comic strip and animated series about the craziness of the greatest rock n’ roll bands and their fans. David’s latest comic book compiles more than 100 rock n’ roll parodies from the likes of Rush, Kiss, Metallica, etc… getting rave reviews from industry luminaries like Tone Rodriguez (KISS comics, Simpsons comics and many more!); but more importantly, receiving a ton of love from rock and prog fans from all over the world (Almost 40K Facebook Fans!). Fantoons is specially popular amongst Rush fans… one of David’s favorite bands! There’s nothing cooler than making fellow fans smile.
You can find all about fantoons at: & including a store to buy our book and funny prints.
Mr. Big’s involvement…
In a fairy tale type story, David approached Mr. Big with his Fantoons project, including a story to feature the band in one of his animated episodes, to his surprise the band loved it and invited him to spend time backstage! He got to meet the band, and after about two years, he got a call to create visuals for their current 2014 tour in Japan! They hired us to produce six pieces for the tour using all kinds of animation styles, from retro-video games to animating Paul Gilbert’s drawings! We got to work with the band during production with was a fantastic experience. Coincidentally Fantoons’ Mr. Big animated short was ready at this point after working with an unbelievable team of artists. The short ended up opening the shows for their 2014 ‘Stories we could tell’ Japan tour! In David’s own words “I still cannot believe this” He got to see one of his all-time favorite bands play at the legendary Budokan, with the opening act being his animated short. The single greatest moment in his career… and a dream come true for any rock fan.
Like I said, a fairy tale type story, but this one… is full of rock n’ roll.
Do you want to know more? Ok…
Fantoons - the animated series - has earned more than forty film festival nominations around the world, including screenings at San Diego Comic Con and winning the best animation short at London’s Portobello Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the world. Every episode is produced in full 2D animation. David’s vision is to bring back that cartoon style into fashion. His influences go from John K’s Ren & Stimpy to Hanna-Barbera, Go Nagai, Loonie Tunes and Walt Disney animation.