DALTON's Ola Lindstrom Hospitalized

Message from the band DALTON
Dear friends and fans,
We are extremely sorry to have to inform you that our friend and fellow band member Ola Lindstrom is hospitalized awaiting a heart transplant. Last week Ola experienced great chest pains and immediately visit the hospital where four liters of fluid was drained from his lungs. The doctors at Karolinska could after further investigation note the need for a heart valve, and an operation commenced shortly thereafter. Due to complications the surgery could not be completed as planned, and after a heart transplant was found necessary Ola was switched to a ventilator. After waking up he was able, through subtle winks and hand presses, to communicate and acknowledge the circumstances. Last Friday morning, he was anesthetized and a battery-powered pump could be installed successfully. Ola's condition is now assessed as serious, but stable at the moment and he is doing well under the circumstances, after this the most critical phase. Ola has periodically been awake and been able to communicate with his family, and also with Leffe from the band who was allowed a short visit.
Now we are waiting to find a new heart. How long it may take, doctors cannot answer at this point. We will of course keep you all updated.
Ola is a real fighter! We keep our fingers crossed and hope to soon see him back on his feet!

Best regards,

/ Dalton boys - Bosse, Kebbe, Matte and Leffe