ADRIANGALE 'Best Of' To Feature Unreleased & Rare

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
News from Kivel Records on ADRIANGALE:
"Everyone has been asking about Adriangale Best Of. When? When is it comimg out. Well the wait is nearly over folks. Nov 25th The Final Piece drops. Adriangale "Final Piece-The Best of".
Just in time for the holidays!
Wait there's more people. We dont want to short change the loyal AG fan base with some generic convenience store best of CD. NO! What we are going to do is throw in EVERYTHING and then some.
This release will be a DOUBLE CD! Disc 1 will have songs from all five studio releases. Disc 2 will contain two new recorded tracks, along with 7 other tracks consisting of, B cuts, rarities and unreleased material!
The ultimate collection for any AG fan.
Lastly..... $16 total (shipping included) !!!
Pre order info coming soon
Adriangale Defiance and Suckerpunch available now at
And this just in....
"So we announced FINAL PIECE The Best of Adriangale. We need all of you, as YOU are the Final Piece people. Kivel Records and Adriangale would be nothing without all of you!! So what does this mean? Simple. In this thread post a short post on your thoughts and feelings about AG. What they mean to you. Fave song. Fave album. Fave artwork. A personal story. ANYTHING you want to share. We want to hear it . Now what is this all for? Real simple. YOU and YOUR words will be included in the booklet/artwork of this upcoming release. YOU are a piece of the puzzle and we cant complete it without YOU. So sound off people and be a part of what we create. Much love and appreciation to all."