MOB RULES Reveal 20th Anniversary Box Set Details


MOB RULES to reveal initial details about their boxed 20th anniversary set Timekeeper

- Lots of guests, new songs, cover versions -

While Northern German melodic metal band Mob Rules are currently busy applying the finishing touches to their boxed anniversary set Timekeeper (release date: 13 October 2014, Germany: 10 October 2014, US/Canada: 28 October 2014), the musicians have revealed initial details about this special package which consists of two CDs, a single and a live DVD. CD 1 has Mob present the 15 most important songs from their previous eight releases, among them classics such as 'Black Rain', 'Hollowed Be Thy Name', 'Astral Hand', 'Rain Song' (Live) and 'Cannibal Nation'. 

CD 2 is the fulfilment of the band members' longstanding dream: 'We've always wanted to invite guests to the studio who have been important to us and our development and who have become friends,' explains drummer Nikolas Fritz, referring to a long list of renowned musicians who have contributed to Timekeeper, among them Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O.), Bernhard Wei' & Marco Wriedt (both Axxis), Amanda Somerville & Sascha Paeth (both Avantasia), Peavy Wagner (Rage), Michael Ehr' (Gamma Ray), Herman Frank (Accept), Corvin Bahn (Uli Jon Roth, Saxon), Herbie Langhans (Sinbreed, Seventh Avenue), Stefan Lill (Vanden Plas) Chitral Somapala (ex-Firewind, Red Circuit) and Peter Knorn (Victory). These artists can be heard on newly recorded Mob Rules classics, the cover versions 'Lights Out' (UFO) and 'Run With The Wolf' (Rainbow) as well as two brand-new songs which Mob Rules composed exclusively for Timekeeper. 'This boxed set reflects the band's past, present and future,' comments Nikolas Fritz.

Timekeeper is rounded off by a DVD featuring recordings from the 2011 Mob Rules performance at the Prog Power US festival in Atlanta/USA plus extensive bonus material. Nikolas Fritz: 'Our fans kept asking about those film recordings, that's why we have now had the material cut and its sound mixed. A great souvenir, also for ourselves.'

Real eye-catchers are the cover artwork and 44-page booklet which are part of the elaborate box, featuring scores of photos from all phases of Mob Rules' 20-year career, a special feature being the fact that each one of the limited boxes has been numbered individually by hand, making this boxed set a very special fan item.



Temple Fanfare

Pilot of Earth

Black Rain

Cannibal Nation

Astral Hand

Close My Eyes

Dead Man`s Face

Among The Gods

In The Land Of Wind And Rain

Hollowed Be Thy Name

Last Farewell

Ice And Fire

Lord Of Madness (Live)

With Sparrows Rain Song (Live)


Insurgeria (new recording, w/ Udo Dirkschneider & Marco Wriedt)

Celebration Day (new recording, w/ Bernhard Wei')

Lights Out (new recording, w/ Peter Knorn)

End Of All Days (new recording, w/ Amanda Somerville & Corvin Bahn)

Broken (new Track)

All Above The Atmosphere (new recording, w/ Herbie Langhans & Herman Frank)

Coast To Coast (new recording, w/ Michael Ehr', Stephan Lill & Chity Somapala)

How The Gypsy Was Born (remastered, w/ Peavy Wagner)

Run With The Wolf (new recording, w/ Sascha Paeth)

My Kingdom Come (new Track, Orchestral Version, w/ Corvin Bahn)


My Kingdom Come (new Track)

Meet You In Heaven (Live at Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004, prev. unreleased)


Children Of The Flames

Trial By Fire

Astral Hand

Unholy War

Ashes To Ashes

Fuel To The Fire

Veil Of Death

Last Farewell

In The Land Of Wind And Rain

Black Rain

Hollowed Be Thy Name

The Official Videos:
Ice and Fire
Astral Hand
Last Farewell
Black Rain


- The Roadmob Bootlegs:

1.)    Tele Box Fool - Live @ Rockfabrik Nuremberg (2013)

2.)    Ethnolution Tour 'The Scandinavian Chapter' (2007)

3.)    The Magic Circle Files (2007)

4.)    The Glance Of Fame (unofficial Clip)

5.)    Cannibal Nation Drumrecording Outtakes

6.)    Invitation Time (Live @ Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004)

7.)    Meet You In Heaven (Live @ Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven, 2004)


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Fr. 26.09.2014  D-Delmenhorst, Slatterys

Sa. 27.09.2014  D-Nordenham, Jahnhalle

Sa. 11.10.2014  D-Steinenbronn, Air Axes Festival

Fr. 17.10.2014  D-Bremen, Tivoli (w/ Sinbreed)

Fr. 24.10.2014  D-Duisburg, Parkhaus

Sa. 25.10.2014  D-Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk /Break The Barriers Festival (w/ Gamma Ray)

Sa. 15.11.2014  D-Weissenh'user Strand/Metal Hammer Paradise

Sa. 13.12.2014  D-Oldenburg, Cadillac


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