MOB RULE New Contract With Steamhammer/SPV

MOB RULE New Contract With Steamhammer/SPV
Boxed anniversary set Timekeeper scheduled for October release 
Northern German melodic metal band Mob Rules are back with Steamhammer/SPV. A few days ago the group, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, signed a new deal and are returning to the record company which already released and distributed five of their previous studio albums. 'For us it's a great pleasure to have signed with Steamhammer,' comments the band. 'We're looking forward to the collaboration with Olly Hahn and his team, who supported us in both word and deed in the years between 1999 and 2008 and whose expertise we greatly value.' Steamhammer's product manager Hahn is happy to return this compliment: 'Mob Rules have been among the most significant and impressive German melodic metal acts. We're proud to have them back on our roster.'
Mob Rules are set to launch the first result of this renewed worldwide cooperation, their 20th anniversary boxed set Timekeeper, on 13 October 2014 (Germany: 10 October 2014, US/Canada: 28 October 2014). Hahn: 'It's not every day that such a top-quality product arrives at the stores. The package consists of a best-of CD, a bonus DVD, a bonus CD featuring new and rerecorded songs, brilliant cover numbers and other surprises, including renowned guest musicians.' Steamhammer and Mob Rules will publish more details in the coming weeks, suffice it to say that their fans will be delighted.

The arrival of the boxed anniversary set will be supported by a number of anniversary shows with highlights such as the Break The Barriers festival in Wilhelmshaven (feat. Gamma Ray & Love.Might.Kill) and the Metal Hammer Paradise on the Baltic coast, among others.

Nikolas Fritz (Drummer Mob Rules) - Olly Hahn (A&R SPV/Steamhammer)
Fr. 26.09.2014  D-Delmenhorst, Slatterys
Sa. 27.09.2014  D-Nordenham, Jahnhalle
Sa. 11.10.2014  D-Steinenbronn, Air Axes Festival
Fr. 17.10.2014  D-Bremen, Tivoli (w/ Sinbreed)
Fr. 24.10.2014  D-Duisburg, Parkhaus
Sa. 25.10.2014  D-Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk /Break The Barriers Festival (w/ Gamma Ray)
Sa. 15.11.2014  D-Weissenh'user Strand/Metal Hammer Paradise
Sa. 13.12.2014  D-Oldenburg, Cadillac
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