EDDIE MONEY Hopes To Release New Album 'Within The Next Six Months' (Billboard.com)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Titled "Shake That Thing," the album may also lead to a revival of his "Two Tickets To Paradise" stage show.
Eddie Money may lament that "I can't sing the Beatles' 'When I'm 64' anymore" now that he's turned 65, but he hardly considers that an age of retirement. In fact, he plans on shakin' some new music loose in the not-too-distant future.
Money tells Billboard that he's "written about five or six really good songs. It's very hard rock 'n' roll. I don't have the greatest rock 'n' roll voice in the world -- I'm not Paul Rodgers, but when you put me on the radio, you know it's Eddie Money." Among the new tunes are "I Ain't No Wishing Well," "Missing You Blues" and "I Ain't No Good," and he's also planning to include a live version of the title track from his album "Life For the Taking."
Money's already started recording the album, which he plans to title "Shake That Thing," in California with Gary Mallaber on drums and a variety of other players. "It should probably be out within the next six months," Money predicts. Meanwhile, he's helping some of his children with their musical aspirations: daughter Jesse, a onetime contestant on MTV's "Rock the Cradle," continues to be part of her father's band, while son Dez Money is leading his own group, The Faze, that occasionally opens shows for his father.
Eddie Money, meanwhile, is also planning to breathe new life into "Two Tickets to Paradise," the autobiographical stage musical that premiered in June 2009 on Long Island. Money, who co-wrote the book and penned six new songs for the production with director/playwright John Blenn, says he wants to find another home for it soon, perhaps on Broadway but possibly in Las Vegas or in the Money stronghold of Detroit. "It's a great play and it's wonderful tunes and I've got a bunch of Broadway-type songs in it," says Money, who appears at the end of the show to sing duets of some of his hits with the lead actor.
But, he adds, "I don't want to make it into a movie. 'Rock of Ages,' they turned it into a movie with Tom Cruise and everything and he looked ridiculous. And once they put it out as a movie the play didn't do as well in New York. It takes the mystique out of it. So I just want it to be on stage, where it was meant to be."