BILL LEVERTY Releases New Single 'The Heart Heals The Soul'

FIREHOUSE guitarist BILL LEVERTY has sent the following news out to fans via his Newsletter:
"I wanted to let you know that I've just put out a new song called "The Heart Heals The Soul". I thought I'd try something different and put out a video as soon as the MP3's were available on iTunes, Amazon, & CD Baby.

The song is an acoustic, singer/songwriter style song. It has a very personal meaning to my family and myself. I hope you like it!

The video was shot in HD, so if you click the link below which will take you to Youtube, you can click that "settings" button (looks like a little gear) in the bottom right of the screen to watch the video in HD. Any comments you leave on Youtube are always appreciated!

Here's the Youtube link:

If you want to support my music directly, you can go to my website and click the "donate" button.
I will email you the 320k MP3, artwork & lyrics for $1.

If you prefer to buy your music from iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby, the links to the song are below.



CD Baby:

Thank you so much for your many years of support. Your love and support of music helps keep it alive.




While it's nice he's doing solo work. I know Firehouse still tours, so are they working on a new CD at all? or no?


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