I’d like to thank the majority for their vocal support for the major changes that have been undertaken here.
I’ve only heard of one “Melodicrock sucks now” thread on a message board someplace, perhaps there will be more!
But no matter what – there’s no going back. The old site was easy to read news in one place, but it has zero functionality. No search function, no search engine optimization, no social media interaction, no individual URLs. It really was a very very basic site.
The 2014 site has all of the above and more and I’ve already seen a good uptick in social media shares and follows.
I can understand some not liking change and not liking the fact you have to click on headlines to see news. I hope those people come around.
What I don’t and can’t understand is several that have said they cannot navigate around the site.
I really just don’t see why – if you don’t want to read the headlines on the frontpage – then click on the MENU links (pictured below) and see the ENTIRE list of added news/reviews/showcases etc…. all in one place, just like it was on the old site!
Please feel free to send in any questions, but do take some time to get to know the workings and layout of the site before you fire off a pissed off email.


Hi folks,
Welcome to MelodicRock 2014 – a website that is finally compliant with all the latest SEO and Social Media demands of the Internet in 2014 and beyond.
A few points to make!
- First of all – there is still work to be done here and there, little tweaks that many won’t notice and as the site is opened to a full audience, there might be a few other little issues that come to light. By all means, if you have a question or an issue to point out, please do so!
- The site is fully compliant with mobile devices and tablets and will automatically adjust to whatever platform being used at the time. However, there is some tweaking still needing to be done on the mobile platform, so watch for improvements there.
- At this point in time, there is both a sign in and register option for comments as well as full Facebook comment integration. If I find the two conflict with each other, I may be forced to choose one method over the other.
- Please feel free to comment anywhere on the site on any topic or post and please also share those articles you wish to do via the tool provided! Spreading the word helps the artist and the site.
- There are a few graphics below to help show a few of the site’s new features. If ever in doubt when looking for anything, use the search function or the main MENU links along the top of the site. On display within the frontpage are all the latest articles/posts, but using the MENU will uncover many MANY more topics/posts/reviews – listed in order of post date.
- There is a LOT more content to be added to the site. Over the weeks and months ahead I will start bringing in ALL old Reviews and Interviews from the Old Site – which is still linked from the frontpage (along with both message board systems and MRX etc…)
- The site has a mega-accurate search engine and full cataloguing capability, so once I get the chance to add more of the old content and interviews and reviews, you'll be able to search and find anything and everything that I've done over the past 16 years.
Thanks a million for your support and patience and I sincerely hope the wait will be worth it. Go check it out and can't wait to hear your feedback. Add it into the comments below!
PS. The site will always be evolving....plenty more to come...
Best Regards,