From ~ David Coverdale 2014-05-29 

Good Morning, All...I see there's all kinds of interesting posts & some 'demands' about whom I should work with...As always, I sincerely thank you All for your generosity, but, with all due respect, I'll be making the decision who the band & I are going to work with...It's a very simple process...I guarantee it will be a very gifted guitarist who plays great & sings great, works well in a team, someone who appreciates Whitesnake music & a player whom we feel will help us take Whitesnake to the next level in as many ways as possible...without unnecessary distractions.

I hope you can appreciate this fact. We've had an amazing array of exceptionally gifted musicians who have applied for the gig. Once again, we are in such awe that so many talented people want to play Whitesnake music with us. We're very close to making our decision & we'll let you ALL know when the time is right & hopefully, whomever it is, you will give them the same chance, the same support as you've given our new musicians before. I wish You & Yours all the best, & I offer my sincere gratitude for all the support you give us through rain & shine...Love & LIGHT to You & Yours...DC

Ohh...I almost forgot...we're deep into the pre production of the new WS project, which is so exciting to me, it's beyond words...:)



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With so few gifted players out there not already in a band I can only hope he can find someone to match the long list of great guitarists who have appeared in the band.

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This totally sounds like DC himself, and not a canned PR statement... and in that sense it is great. 

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David Coverdale has been in this game for 40+ years -- he has most certainly earned the right to do with the Whitesnake name as he sees fit.  Hopefully we will all like it.  If not, it's on us, not him.  I trust the guy...


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