Attention Bombay Black fans- today we would like to announce that we are saying good-bye to our "Beast". Original drummer Rob McCauley is retiring from life on the road with Bombay Black. With his oldest son making quite a name for himself on the national BMX race circuit,  along with running his many business ventures, he has decided to concentrate his efforts toward his family.  As much as we will miss him, Rob races BMX as well so we still get to watch him kick some ass - but now on the track instead of the stage. We wish him the best and hope that you will all take the time to do the same. Don't be surprised to see Rob hanging out with the band at the occasional tour stop. (He still knows how to parallel park that tour bus better than any of our regular pack of drivers.) 

As you can imagine, finding a replacement was not easy.  Enter Barry Whaley.  With over twenty years experience swinging sticks Barry has played on over 2 dozen different projects as a studio musician and has toured with several bands including Burning Cold, Lost And Labeled and Freakshow. Welcome Barry to the Bombay Black family and come meet him on tour this summer. Things are really starting to heat up in the Bombay Black camp, the new album Walk Of Shame will be going on pre sale Monday June 23rd. Stay tuned for a look at the album artwork and the first song to be released soon!



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Congrats and good luck to Rob - you will be missed, but thanks for some great playing, some great Jaeger, and for your great camaraderie!  
Likewise, congrats to Barry on assuming Rob's spot - not easy shoes to fill but if Ty, Eric and Justin have been impressed enough to bring you onto the team, then that says PLENTY.  Good luck, and see you at MRF4.