ADRIANGALE Set Defiant Tone For New Album

Friday, October 3, 2014
Adriangale is back!! Last year this time they threw everyone a Sucker Punch with their long overdue comeback. Now they stand their ground Defiant, in a sea of flavor of the month trend followers and reality stars. Pre order now and become a Defiant one with Adriangale! Here's a double whammy for you with a sneak peak of what to expect, both a song and artwork!
Pre order NOW at Buy any two titles get the third half price. Tango Down Charming Devil will be in stock this coming week. So take advantage and snag AG, TANGO and perhaps Madmans Lullaby or No Love Lost!! Summer is going out with a Defiant Bang!!! See all of you at MRF4 in Oct.



metalmaster's picture

Stoked for this release! hoping for a ReProgram typr sound.

Can't wait for this new album! Sucker Punch was fantastic and in my top 3 last year.