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Massacre Records
Produced by: Dennis Ward

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Rainbow, Impellitteri
GENRE: European Hard Rock

  1. Passage Of Hope (Intro)
  2. Seas Of Madness
  3. Followed By The Moon
  4. Sonic Dynamite
  5. The Spirit
  6. Speed Of Light
  7. Waiting For The Dawn
  8. Let The Thunder Reside
  9. Lost In Illusions
  10. Face Of An Angel
  11. Shattered Prophecy
  12. Spread Your Wings

It's early in the year, but already Pink Cream 69 look like taking out the best European hard rock album of the year.
This is a prime slice of melodic metal with the guys looking to top their highly acclaimed last album Electrified.
Not sure if Sonic Dynamite does that, but it's bloody good nevertheless.
Opening with the utterly bombastic Seas Of Madness, there is not let up in pace until the only ballad of the album - track 8 - Let The Thunder Reside.
The band are as tight as ever, with producer Dennis Ward seemingly bringing out the best in everyone.
It's one of those records where everything is turn up to 11. The style is 100% Euro hard rock with the band's sound the traditional overdrive double kick drum / crashing cymbal / pounding bass and big heavy vocal style. Make sense? If not, check out the soundbytes.
There are no weak tracks, but my personal favorites are the opening Seas Of Madness - the vocals are huge, Followed By The Moon for it's layered guitar sound and killer chorus and Speed Of Light for it's cool intro.
Special mention also for the moody and mysterious final track Spread Your Wings. Huge atmosphere and a real smoldering power.
BOTTOM LINE: Euro hard rock & metal fans are always going to embrace this album and I expect it to be at the top of several best of lists at the end of the year, but others should also take a look at these guys. While definitely heavy, they perform at their melodic best and could be a good into to those looking for something with a little more power.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Euro metal fans...fans of the heavier side of melodic hard rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Pink Cream 69 . Games People Play . Change . Live . Electrified . Sonic Dynamite

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