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Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD 051
Produced by: Jorn Lande

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Whitesnake, Deep Purple
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Starfire
  2. Edge Of The Blade
  3. Break It Up
  4. Forever Yours
  5. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
  6. Gate Of Tears
  7. Burn
  8. End Comes Easy
  9. Just The Same
  10. Abyss Of Evil

Jorn Lande has very quickly risen to be one of Europe's finest hard rock vocalists. In recent years he has produced his David Coverdale best for The Snakes, Ark and Vagabond.
More recently he has joined Millenium.
But this is his solo album which sees Jorn once again stretching the melodic rock boundaries.
He is quite a diverse singer, as witnessed in the projects he has involved himself in previously. Starfire matches Jorn's profile, serving up a diverse range of melodic rock songs that run the gauntlet of emotion and style. Thankfully, that has all been put together pretty well.
Track By Track:
I love the opening track Starfire. The verse is a moody slice of pure AOR, tinged with a few overdubbed special effects, that roars into an urgent fired up chorus that sees Jorn stretch his vocal abilities to the max. The song heads back into AOR territory before fading out.
Edge Of The Blade is a real treat. The famous Journey song from the Frontiers album has been given the full European hard rock treatment and goes off completely. Multi layered vocals, big guitars and vocals crossing Steve Perry with David Coverdale. Choruses don't get much bigger than this! Standing in for Neal Schon on guitar is Millenium's Ralph Santolla.
Break It Up is another cover, this time a Foreigner tune from their also famous 4 release. Jorn's diversity can be seen as he does his best Lou Gramm. The track was originally dates back to 1982 and the original feel of this track is maintained.
Forever Yours is a laid back radio friendly acoustic pop rocker in the vein of Chris Thompson or John Farnham.
A cover of the City Boy track The Day The Earth Caught Fire sees the album go from one extreme to another as once again we are sent into overdrive with a track that spares no expense in the dramatics department. A very intense song vocally and musically. Once again the feel of the original and the era it came from is maintained.
Gate Of Tears keeps the hard rocking momentum going. A very dark and heavy hard rocking track.
The hard rocking continues with one of the most furious versions of Burn that I have heard yet. Even heavier than the recent Glenn Hughes versions. Huge Coverdale like vocals!
End Comes Easy moves in yet another direction. This eccentric number is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith's experimentation with Eastern influences and alternative instruments.
Just The Same is another cover, this time of the classic Jefferson Starship song. More dramatic instrumentation and vocals and once again, in keeping with the original feel of the song. Maybe a little more over the top!!
Abyss Of Evil is possibly the heaviest track on the album. Anyone that bought this for the AOR portion of the album (Starfire & Edge Of The Blade) will by this stage be either in shock or in need of a resuscitation! This is a big Black Sabbath style hard rocker.
BOTTOM LINE: Yet another classy European melodic hard rock release. The album's boundaries are not set to any one formula, which may unsettle a few listeners, but not established fans of the man's vocal talents.
It's a big album with a few over the top moments. However, those moments generally gel together and can be quite rewarding. Those looking for a more straight forward hard rock sound can anticipate the next Millenium album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Jorn Lande fan, fans of melodic European hard rock.
DISCOGRAPHY: Vagabond; Ark; Millenium; The Snakes; Solo - Starfire

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