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CMC International 06076 86285-2
Produced by: Tom Fletcher & Dokken

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves!
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Erase The Slate
  2. Kiss Of Death
  3. The Hunter
  4. Into The Fire
  5. Maddest Hatter
  6. Too High To Fly
  7. Breaking The Chains
  8. Alone Again
  9. It's Not Late
  10. Tooth And Nail
  11. In My Dreams

A new Dokken live album! The first since the Beast From The East album and first to showcase the newly added guitarist Reb Beach.
First up, I hate over produced live albums. The rawer the better. I don't care if the band screw up every second track, it sounds so much better!
I think this Dokken album falls between the two. There is a producers credit, but it also sounds pretty good and for the most part, it's not a direct take from the album versions of the songs. It's also recorded in one night, another thing I like better than compilation live album.
They open with a furious rendition of Erase The Slate and run right into Kiss Of Death and cover just about every major track a fan would hope for.
All on all I think the result is pretty good. This is primarily only going to move already established fans, but most importantly, I think it will succeed there.
The vibe is good and Reb Beach slays on guitar as expected. Maybe not the charisma of George Lynch, but at least he still stays true to his roots and plays his technically perfect style with precision.
Highlight of the album for me is their rendition of Too High To Fly, from my favorite Dokken album, the self titled Japanese release of 1994. A very cool take on the studio version with extended vocals and a great series of solos. For the record it clocks in at over 13 minutes!
The down side is that the album is only an updated Beast From the East. It could have been longer and a little more comprehensive. A double CD would have been cool, that they haven't done before.
BOTTOM LINE: Just what a Dokken fan would expect and would hope for. The band cover most essential tracks, provide a good atmosphere and totally rock out. Maybe a few unfamiliar with the band should also take a look at this. Almost better than a studio greatest hits.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Dokken and Reb Beach fans.
DISCOGRAPHY: Breaking The Chains . Tooth And Nail . Under Lock And Key . Back For The Attack . Beast From The East . Dokken . Dysfunctional . Shadowlife . Erase The Slate . Best Of Dokken . Live From The Sun; Reb Beach - Winger; Don Dokken solo - Up From The Ashes

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