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- New album "Ghost Ship" out now!

"A dazzlin album" 10/10 - Powerplay Magazine UK

10/10 - Hardline Magazine, 5/5 - Stormbringer.at, 10/10 - Rock Garage, 10/10 - Firebrand Radio, 6/6 - Via Nocturna, 5/5 - Ung Tro

Order links:
Amazon.com: www.amazon.com/Ghost-Ship-Theocracy/dp/B01J94EKMQ
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/ghost-ship/id1157254068
Amazon.de: www.amazon.de/Ghost-Ship-Theocracy/dp/B01J94EKMQ
Amazon.co.uk: www.amazon.co.uk/Ghost-Ship-Theocracy/dp/B01J94EKMQ

Theocracy are finally back with their new album "Ghost Ship", featuring 10 powerful new songs that showcase the epic, heavy and melodic sound the band is known for, Ghost Ship is the followup to 2011's As the World Bleeds and 2013's self-titled debut remix.

With Ghost Ship, Theocracy perfects the lively and fully-realized sound of As the World Bleeds, delivering 10 muscular and streamlined tracks that never lose focus and combine for one memorable journey. Each song on Ghost Ship stands alone and has a unique signature, but every moment sounds unmistakably like Theocracy.

Theocracy line-up:
Matt Smith - Vocals
Val Allen Wood - Lead Guitar
Jonathan Hinds - Guitar
Jared Oldham - Bass

Theocracy discography:
2016: Ghost Ship [Ulterium Records]
2013: Theocracy [re-issue, Ulterium Records]
2011: As the World Bleeds [Ulterium Records]
2008: Mirror of Souls [Ulterium Records]
2003: Theocracy [Metal Ages]

Produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Smith
Mastered by Vlado Meller
Cover artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth]
Art direction and design by Durling Sweden
Drums on "Ghost Ship": Shawn Benson

Theocracy on the web:
Website: www.theocracymusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theocracyband


01. Paper Tiger
02. Ghost Ship
03. The Wonder Of It All
04. Wishing Well
05. Around the World and Back
06. Stir the Embers
07. A Call To Arms
08. Currency In A Bankrupt World
09. Castaway
10. Easter

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